As a hard-working employee, you look forward to those precious days with your family. But what if you were stuck on the phone, stressed out, and working, even though you were on vacation? We have all been there... our kids disappointed, our spouses angry because we aren't available while we are on vacation. 

PTO abuse is the dirty little secret that corporations have normalized, but the effects of PTO abuse can cost them exponentially in high turnover and quiet quitting. 

a common sense solution

It isn't rocket science. Honoring an employee's mental health and not relying on them while they are on vacation - using days that they have earned - is just a culture shift. It takes proactive steps but it is possible, for every company... and for every employee, no matter how mission-critical their contributions may be.

If your employer is serious about employee mental health, please recommend the PTOAffirm Certification to your CEO or Human Resource Director.  As a thank you, we will put $100 in your pocket to start your next vacation savings account! 

PTOAffirm sounds like a small thing, but in fact it's monumental. PTOAffirm is a commitment your CEO is making that they are committed to your mental wellness. These brave leaders sincerely want to grow their organization by decreasing costly turnover to reach their financial goals, so they have chosen to PTOAffirm!

reporting your employer

On vacation right now? Is your supervisor, colleague, or subordinate calling and texting you, expecting you to work while you are on PTO? That's not okay and they need some help to get back on track, or they risk losing their PTOAffirm certification. Remember, the PTOAffirm certification has value. It means that when your company posts a job opening, they are promising that they won't contact their employees when they are on PTO. If someone in your organization is breaking their promise to you, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will take immediate action to investigate the violation and help your company get back on track. NOTE: the PTOAffirm Certification contains an employee protection clause. Your identity is protected by our third-party affiliation and partnership with your organization. For this reason, our job will not be in danger if you report your employer.