join us in changing workplace culture

When you partner with PTOAffirm the benefits are limitless. The certification is as easy as sharing a copy of YOU HAVE ARRIVED, with the HR manager and/or the CEO of the organization. This new workplace leadership manual was written by our founder, Shannon Joy Mekeel.

Please contact us now to schedule the author to speak at your next executive conference or to place bulk orders of YOU HAVE ARRIVED. We are on a mission to spread the bright pink light of empathy where it is needed the most; in America's workplaces. 

referRal payouts

Are you a corporate recruiter tasked with finding employees for broken organizations? Are you tired of having to tell outdated organizations that you can no longer help them because they need to address the reasons behind employee turnover and fix their culture? Offer them a solution they can wrap their head around. The PTOAffirm Certification is a huge step in the right direction. 

Maybe you are a discouraged employee looking for ways to keep your employer accountable. If you know your company's culture needs some help, tell your boss or HR manager about the PTOAffirm certification. When you refer us, we will pay you $100 as a thank you.

increased commission

For recruiters, as a thank you for spreading the word about our NEW and innovative certification model, we offer $100 for each client referral. You will also close more business because job-seekers look for organizations that offer the most competitive total rewards package, and the new hires you send your clients will be more likely to stay with companies that PTOAffirm. 

With toxic cultures on the rise and nearly half of all American workplaces considered a bad place to work, those profits can add up... and fast!  

For leaders in corporate recruiting, consider signing the PTOAffirm agreement for your own company and then become an affiliate partner. Refer PTOAffirm to all the businesses you serve and increase your reach, closed business, and commission. 

fix the "unrecruitables"

Are you tired of sending qualified employees to clients who can't keep them because their culture is so toxic? Stop the revolving door or employee turnover for good when you refer PTOAffirm certification to clients struggling with high turnover. It’s a plausible, turnkey solution that quickly turns organizational culture around. Once the effects of PTOAffirm kick in recruiters will be able to refer qualified candidates to these organizations knowing that new hires will want to stay in their new jobs for the long haul because the company is now a better place to work. 

recruit the best employees for your clients

When you partner with us and refer PTOAffirm to your clients, the job posts you publish on their behalf will be more effective. Candidates seeking fair and equitable places to work will gravitate toward these positions. PTOAffirm gives your clients the edge over the competition that they need to recruit the best candidates. When your clients succeed, so do you.