turn up employee engagement

PTO Affirm was created to affirm the value of Paid Time Off. Employers that join PTOAffirm have promised their employees and the public that they are now accountable for respecting their employees' time off which is essential for employee mental health. Paid Time Off is necessary for employee sanity, so sign the agreement today and when your employees take their next vacation, tell them to enjoy their vacation, and mean it. 

The best part? When your organization becomes PTOAffirm certified, recruiting the best and brightest will be possible. That's because when given the option of a company that lets you enjoy your time off and one that doesn't, the choice is easy. 



When you sign up with PTOAffirm you are telling the world that 100% of your employees 100% of the time will not be bothered when they are on vacation. Even your middle managers who keep your operations going day in and day out. 

 When you sign the agreement, your organization will also take the appropriate steps to cover employees' duties while they are away. You have promised via certification that their time off is just that... time away from work that they can decompress and recharge. When employees come back to work they will be more engaged, happier, more likely to refer their friends, and less likely to resign, improving your organization's long-term productivity.

a smart marketing tool

Want to hire the best, grow your company, and be more competitive? Get a leg up on the competition by promoting your certification. You can share the PTOAffirm logo, statement of certification, and a link to the PTOAffirm member page on your company's job announcements, social media, and in corporate advertising to attract the best employees, clients, and investors, as well as increase loyalty with your customers! Spread the word internally and externally so everyone will know you prioritize employee mental health! This is no small thing your team has committed to, and you should be proud of your decision to PTOAffirm!

How Can we make this work?

It's all about putting systems and safeguards in place now and we will show you how! Employees and employers will work together in preparation for employees’ PTO to prepare customers for their absence, delegate employees’ duties to another employee or group, and adjust expectations within the organization to accommodate for PTO. An internal and external autoresponder will be set up before the departure of the employee and if necessary another person(s) should be named for specific concerns as they may arise while on PTO. Get started today! Improve company culture and decrease expensive employee turnover. Once you sign up for PTOAffirm you can send an email to 100% of your employees announcing your certification!  Click the button below to read that email!


It is our sincere hope that all organizations that sign the PTOAffirm Agreement comply with our terms, but in case an organization starts calling, texting, and expecting employees to work while they are on PTO, please let us know. Employees and their family members can report non-compliance with our guidelines with confidence knowing the information provided carries no risk of reprisal by the organizations who sign the PTOAffirm agreement.

We take your vacation time very seriously and want to protect the sanctity of your PTO. Once a report is made, our team will immediately investigate the information collected in the report to verify PTO abuse has indeed occurred. 

Organizations that contact employees while they are PTO risk losing their certification and forfeiting their annual certification dues. When an organization loses certification it will no longer receive the affiliation benefits of PTOAffirm and recertification can only be accomplished through consultant intervention and 100% employee survey.