Modern Organizational Leadership Change Solutions to Grow your Company and Increase Business Profit

SJM Consulting Services administers organizational solutions focused on processes intersecting Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Finance departments. Our founder serves as the first point of contact throughout the process to streamline implementation. We bring in world-class colleagues, as necessary who are leaders in their respective industries, and together, with your team we create exponential growth and profit for your organization. Our founder, Shannon Mekeel has been improving businesses in all industries as an internal director and external consultant for the past 30 years. We are ready to help you too.  

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The most significant challenges facing most American companies in 2024 are recruitment and retention. This is our top focus in our consulting solutions. As a CEO, you are already excellent at what you do. Let us help you be excellent at hiring and retention too. We specialize in solutions that have low intrusion with high impact and we are ready to get to work for you!

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Employee engagement increases profit



Not only do we efficiently and effectively recommend and implement valuable HR, IT, Marketing, Finance, and overall Operational solutions to your organization, but SJM Consulting Services also certifies your promises to lead with human-centric best practices, enabling you to recruit and retain the best employees. We offer the gold standard of employer culture certifications that we will help you promote nationally to your customers and the public. 

Your newly recharged and profitable organization will receive more employee referrals. Innovation, fun, inspiration, and laughter will start to define your organization because happy and engaged employees' contributions will improve your organization's short-term and long-term productivity.