pto is sacred

PTO Affirm was created to affirm the value of Paid Time Off. Employers that join PTOAffirm have promised to be accountable in respecting their employee's time off which is essential for the mental health of employees. Paid Time Off is necessary to employee's sanity. When your employees go on vacation, tell them to enjoy their vacation, and mean it. 


PROGRAM GUIDELINES: PTO in regards to Paid Time Off that an employee earns as part of their contract with the company they are employed by refers to the hours and days the employee is not available to work and will not be contacted for any reason. The employee will not face repercussions or negative feedback of any kind for not being available during their PTO. Employees at the company also understand they are not to contact their company while on vacation and affirm they also recognize the importance of unplugging and recharging while on PTO.

PTO PLANNING: Employees and employers will work together in preparation for employee’s PTO to prepare customers for their absence, delegate employee’s duties to another employee or group, and to adjust expectations within the organization that PTO is a sacred time for all employees to enjoy. An internal and external auto responder will be set up prior to departure of employee PTO and if necessary another person(s) should be named for specific concerns as they may arise while on PTO.

COMMITMENT TO MENTAL HEALTH: By signing this agreement we affirm that our employees’ mental well-being is of the greatest importance and that the Paid Time Off that they have earned is needed for them to relax and recharge. We understand the aforementioned promise applies to 100% of employees in perpetuity throughout our organization with no exceptions.

VALUE PROPOSITION: By signing this agreement, our organization has the right to promote that we affirm the importance of uninterrupted PTO. Membership with PTOAffirm can be shared in job announcements, on social media and in advertising. Where appropriate, as PTOAffirm Members we also have the right to use the PTOAffirm logo, with the accompanying link to Because we are PTOAffirm Members, SJM Consulting Services will also notify up to two applicable Chamber of Commerce offices that we are new PTOAffirm Members so that they can add the PTOAffirm, logo to our profile. 

These efforts will 1) Improve your reputation with potential new employees, 2) Ease recruitment issues that may currently being experienced, 3) Set your company apart from the competition, 4) Provide a lead source for clients who want to work for ethical organizations, and 5) Improve your corporate website’s SEO through backlinks making it easier for customers to find your organization. Additionally, when employees know that their company respects their PTO and that of their colleagues, without exception, they are more likely to stay at their organization, preventing exorbitant costs of turnover and training if the employee were to resign. 

FEE & TERMS: Organization agrees to a one time set up fee of $299 to SJM Consulting Services for certification of PTOAffirm. Each year on your anniversary date an additional $299 fee will be charged to the card on file. If at any time the company fails to honor the agreement set forth above, SJM Consulting Services reserves the right to remove your company from and applicable Chamber of Commerce(s) at which time annual payments will cease for the next year's payment. No refunds will be given for any reason. 

Recertification as a PTOAffirm Member will only be considered after a favorable result of a 100% employee survey to be administered by SJM Consulting Services, at the expense of the company. Please notify info@ptoaffirm if your business closes or is sold.


It is our sincere hope that all of the companies who sign the PTO Affirmation Agreement comply with the terms listed above, but in case they do revert back to calling, texting, and emailing employees while they are on PTO, please let us know so that we can remove them from our partner database and ensure they no longer receive the affiliation benefits of PTOAffirm.